Send Text in certain mode

Now that we have all our windows with contact sensors, and a neighborhood stalker type running around, I am looking to go beyond the “notification if window is open, notification if it will rain soon if window open, or shut off AC if window open” scenarios.

I don’t want to have it text me everytime a window opens, just in night mode. ADT has interior motion and glass breaks, but my wife would really like that those sensors could text and I might put a little aotec siren in.

Now, snark aside about whether I should or should not rely on ST for security :), (ADT remember), I am wondering what others have done or would recommend that worked/did not work. Maybe an app only configured for when open in certain mode then text? Is Smart Alarm still viable even with SHM out as SHM doesn’t seem to do this type of thing.

This is actually what she hopes it could do, since the side of the house we found the table under the guest bath window, there is no outside power: turn on lights in those rooms when motion detected as a prewarning. I experimented with motion sensor pointing through window, but doesn’t seem to work. Is that correct, they usually won’t? )

Seems like paranoia or overkill perhaps, but she is keen to feel good about something else ST can do for peace of mind for her. She brags about ST all over, so this would be cherry on top!!

While I have never idea if ST can do what you want on its own. I use IFTT to send text and even voice call alerts.
I’m pretty sure you could set up a IFTT recipe to get the result you want.

Maybe I’m not quite understanding what you want. You could use a routine to set SHM to arm stay so you will get notified only when it is armed.

Smart home monitor ignores the regular modes, and uses its own “Armed” setting. You have a choice of three: armed away, armed stay, and disarmed.

You can set the armed status in a routine, so you could have whatever turns your house to “Night” mode also set the armed status to “armed stay.”

But if for whatever reason you want to use the armed statuses separately, you can still use the “notify when” smart app to send notifications when a particular sensor triggers in particular modes.

So it just depends on exactly what you need. If you decide you don’t want to use smart home monitor, or you want to use it independent of modes, install “notify when” and use that.

  1. Tap on the asterisk in the bottom right corner to go to the marketplace.

  2. Choose smart apps.

  1. Choose “safety and security.”

  2. You should see the “notify when” smart app.

  1. Install it and you should be able to set up the notifications that you want.

But I can’t monitor contact sensors to hit intruder mode yet AFAIK, or I am blindingly dumb today, which happens after a long week. :slight_smile:

Going to try notify me when I think.

  1. make sure you have smart home monitor installed. You may need to contact support to have them push it out to you.

Two) on the dashboard, choose smart home monitor)

three) on the SHM screen, tap The gear in the top right this will open the SHM detail page where you can add new alerts.

  1. Choose Security

  1. decide whether you want to monitor all of your open and close sensors or just some of them. If you want just some of them you can pick which ones for both your armed away status and your armed stay status.

After you pick which ones, you will be able to define the notifications you want to send.

The only thing missing from this will be your “locks” in SHM.

You can actually get the functionality of “Notify me when” inside of Smart Home Monitor too by using the “Custom” section.