Add Andriod tablet as speaker for weather notifications etc?

I want to setup an old android tablet as a speaker in SmartThings so I can schedule weather notifications etc.

I’ve already set it up using ‘LANnouncer Alerter’ for an alarm notification which works great but I know want to be able to announce the weather etc in the morning.

Can this be done using and Android tablet as I’m not paying out for a Sonos.

You need a DLNA player and/or VLC.

There are some discussions here with details… Search :mag: is your friend…

The Bigtalker app can do weather announcements along with chimes, etc. through Lannouncer.

I’ve added both and why it this works for something like a siren, I’m not able to use it as a speaker.

I have BigTalker setup as a Speech device and then on motion during a certain time, it speaks the weather. You need to enter the code %weathertoday% where you would normally enter what to speak.

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I must be missing something.

I’ve added the Device Handler ‘KeyBounce : LANnouncer Alerter’ * Version 1.25 22 July 2016, I’ve also added ‘rayzurbock : Big Talker’ Version 1.1.7.

But I don’t seem to be able to work out how I now add an android tablet as speaker that is already ruining LANnouncer app and is currently working as a siren.

If I understand correctly, you have already created a new device and applied the LANnouncer Alerter DTH to your Android tablet running at least OS 5.1? If so, then you should be able to select it in your SmartThings app and see something like this. I gave my Android tablet the name of “Living Room Speaker”. This device handler sets up your Android tablet as a siren, speaker, tone chime, strobe a light, and event take photos using the tablet camera. It should be more than just a siren.

I see in your screen shots that you have BigTalker currently configured to access a music player. You will need to re-install Bigtalker and configure it to access a Speech Synthesis device which would include LANnouncer.

Once configured properly, you can then setup BigTalker to send the output (%weathertoday%) to your LANnouncer device.