Lannouncer not showing up as a device

I have lannouncer up and running on my android tablet and integrated into my account and when I press the alarm button my device sounds the alarm, but my issue is while trying to integrate lannouncer in big talker it is not showing up as a text to speech device. does anyone konw where i may be going wrong or what i need to do to get it to show up as a text to speech device

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In this particular case:

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Note, I had the exact same problem and scoured the LANnouncer forums and found the answer…you have to set up Bigtalker in the inital configuration phase to set the default for Music Player to “OFF” so Bigtalker will work as a speech synthesis device. After doing this LANnouncer will now show up as a device to send commands to.

Go and check out the post from @rhoffer in the link provided by @JDRoberts.


Thanks that fixed the issue.

If anyone is totally baffled and struggling to get Lannouncer and Big Talker working with SmartThings mobile app because none of the instructions make any sense, check which version of the app you have installed. Samsung have released a new SmartThings app and it DOES NOT WORK with SmartApps and nothing will work or make sense.

Go to google play and install the SmartThings Classic app to save your sanity. I wasted days on this.

The side note here. In WebCore LanNouncer does appear as a speaker.

@hires06 Confirming, you are able to see your Lannouncer device when setting up notifications? I have to use the BigTalker interface to do anything with it (outside of in WebCore)

Yes I can see it now. I am currently not using it though. Sometimes it get annoying

@hires06 @GlowBlue – What is the trick to getting Lannouncer to show? I can see it in BigTalker (I set that to be Music Player Off) – but I can not see the Lannouncer device as an option under Custom Notifications in SMH or other areas. Appreciate the help here …

It’s been a while - I ended up returning the SmartThings hub and going a different direction with HomeAssistant. It was too buggy for me. I am computer savvy but it required too much care and feeding and was unreliable. However, IIRC you have to setup BigTalker initial to see LANAnnouncer. If you can’t, I’d start from the beginning and reinstall and reinitialize everything.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

hrm, thanks @GlowBlue I can totally see Lannouncer in BigTalker, but outside of Big Talker in other notification areas, its just not a device (although it appears as a device with all the other) – its strange. Just making sure its actually supposed to show up as a notificaiton device in other areas, just not in BigTalker

thanks anyway! appreciate it

Were you able to resolve your issue? Because I noticed the problem in my case now too. I can see LANnouncer in BigTalker, I can make it speak and make a tone, but BigTalker/LANanouncer doesn’t appear as a device that could make AUDIO (or text to speach) notifications in any other apps/rules…

@RadimSvoboda I cant remember the details of this, but at the end of the day I did get this working, and installed on a Amazon Fire. It wasn;t the greatest implementation. I moved towards a Google Mini was googlecast. This works, and is great for broadcasts.