Add a SmartApp button Fails (Classic App)

So currently on iOS Classic App if i click the add a smartapp button on an iOS device nothing happens. Tried the same on an Android phone and it just crashes the ST Classic App.

I want to install WebCoRE but cant get past this stage which is frustrating…

In the new app it doesn’t look like there is a way to add SmartApps at all???

Nope, not yet (who knows when).

I just tries adding a new app, and it worked for me on Android.

Out of curiosity, what region is your Samsung account? That could be causing you issues.

Check your region at

Have you added smartapps since your account was migrated?

What happens if you click on the Marketplace tab?

I’m in the UK so using the EU01 IDE.
Clicking on marketplace shows me just devices to add (and has a load of Icons missing)

I’ve tried three different devices now.

Region is correct (EU). I cant remember if i have added smartapps since migration