Add 2nd hub or new account?

Hey guys. I got a questions to those of you who have 2 hubs. I ordered a 2nd hub for my inlaws who live down the street.
A few things I would like to do is set up the 2nd hub to know when I or my wife goes over there (Smartthings presence 1st gen battery life is two short to use this method) So if the 2nd gen battery life is better then I can buy presence sensors.
How ever what I would like to do is use the phones but I believe that will require both be on the same account correct?

They will need to have there own notifications. I don’t want to see them every time they trip the alarm or what not.

So I guess I have a small problem. Option and opinions on this setup? If it matters we both will have a 1st gen hub

I’m not sure about your other questions, but I know that the 2nd gen SmartThings presence tags are the same internally as the 1st gen, just a different case basically.

SmartThings currently doesn’t do very much useful stuff across Locations (and only 1 Hub allowed per Location at this time)… Not much more useful than using separate Accounts.

I recommend separate Accounts unless you are actively (fully?) managing a second or third location as a property manager or family.

Devices can only be associated with one Location.

You can have SmartApp on their account text you when your wife’s second presence tag is at their range.

I wonder if Life360 would associate to two accounts…

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If all you want to do is see when your wife goes over there and trigger things on your account then you can just use your account. You can trigger things on location without hubs. For example I have created a new location (without an associated hub) by dropping a pin on my office. Now whenever I leave the office the GF get a push notification I am on my way.

I think this is the simplest way to accomplish what you are looking for.

I did do that for my phone and when I leave the office. But that’s not really what im looking for. I need things to happen at that house. Front door to unlock. Im going to have to use two separate accounts and a presence sensor. is what it is looking like

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yep…2 accounts is the way to go if you want things to happen on their hub.

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I have 2 locations on one account stuff works fine… not sure what the benefit of two accounts are… actually more of a pain in the … as you would have to log out and back in the app with the other account each time to switch… with 2 locations they both are there under the same account on the phone.

Right… But with no multi-User support at the moment, you’d get all the push notifications from both Locations with no way to filter and no granular security.