Activities Between Time Frames

I am looking to run two welcome home activities that activate when either myself or wife arrive home. One activity should run between sunrise and sunset with the other running between sunset and sunrise. The reason being different triggers need to happen such as lights etc… How can I handle this without a motion sensor?

Presence sensors.

You’ll have a few different options for setting up presence:

Buy the SmartThings presence sensor for $30 each (you’ll need 2, obviously).

Use your phone (has a fairly large geofence area)

If you have Android, SharpTools is an option: Phone Presence + Tasker + SharpTools = No More Doors Unlocking At Random and also SharpTools Presence

Router with DD-WRT: Presence Detection using DD-WRT Router Script

You can then use these presence detection items to trigger your routines.

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Thanks, but I have phones set up as presence sensors however the only area in the activity that has a time frame is the motion sensors, I don’t have or need these. What I want to be able to do is: when the mode is set to away (both presence sensors are away) and either of us arrives home during the daylight hours then just change the thermostat, however if one of us arrives between sunset hours then lights and thermostat should change.

Ah. Are you trying to use Routines?

You should look into Rule Machine for this. It’s a community created SmartApp that allows you to set up Rules based on triggers (in this instance presence) with conditions (here that will be time of day) and actions (your lights and thermostats).

[quote=“diehllane, post:4, topic:38339”]
You should look into Rule Machine for this. [/quote]
Yes. It could even be accomplished with a singe rule, using separate actions for True and False.

Thanks for the info, is there a simple how to on how to take a smartapp in Github to the smartthings ide? I have the account setup and authorized with my smartthings account but have no idea on how to get the rule machine into smartthings?

You added the repository for Rule-Trigger?

If so, you go to My SmartApps, then click on Update from Repo
Select the Rule-Trigger one from the list
Check the boxes for Rule and Rule Machine codes, check the box at the bottom for Publish, and then hit Execute Update

It will then be available to you in your Marketplace under Smartapps in your mobile app

Thanks, I got it installed , are you using this in place of smartthings activities? seems to me it has better functionality

Rule Machine has replaced most of what I use.
It has a ton of functionality and is being constantly expanded. It’s also nice to have everything in 1 place rather than bouncing around between multiple SmartApps trying to find different items.

It also makes it easier when it comes time to remove items as you don’t have a ton of different SmartApps touching the same device.