Lock when I leave unlock when i arrive

I need help finding this smart app. I can not find anything in new app layout. Anyway all I want is lock when I leave unlock when I arrive ideally with notifications. I am pretty sure it used to be there in old v1 layout.

Just us rule machine to do this. If you are not using rule machine yet, you definitely need to get on it

I tried to install Rule Machine and I didn’t have good luck with it. It threw errors when I tried to install and I find it a little overkill. I prefer smaller precise smart apps the way Smart Things used to be.

You can do this using Routines within the mobile app.

Use caution on the unlock when you return, sometimes the presence gets screwed up and it will show you leaving and coming back. Big surprise when you wake up in the morning with an unlocked door.

Thanks, I am only using on a second entry door, I don’t trust ST for my main doors :frowning:

I was hoping to avoid routines, I don’t really like the way that works. In my opinion routines can’t reflect the may variables of state.

I still would have sworn there was a smart app for this but I guess not.

How do you use routines ? I open “Goodbye!” and it asks what I want to so “for example lock door” but I don’t see how I configure it to activate when presence sensors are not present.

My Wife and I both have sensors so I want both leaving to lock and either returning to unlock.

So I use one routine to unlock the doors whenever someone arrives with a presence sensor. To lock the doors when everyone leaves I use Routine Director to trigger either an Away Day or Away Night routine whenever both myself and my girlfriends presence sensor are gone. I have 4 main routines for Routine Director , Home Day, Home Night, Away Day , and Away Night. This works very well for and allows me to have certain accent lighting in my home to come on with sunset and turn off at night when we leave for the evening. Also I have my outside lights dim to 10% when we are gone at night and then dim to 100% when we pull into the driveway. The reason I use a completely separate stand alone routine to unlock the doors is so when the house goes from home day to home night at sunset the doors won’t unlock with the switch. Again this setup I have been using has worked very well for me. Anyways hope this helps!

Its a shame you didn’t have any luck with rule machine, I would personally take a look again at it

just be sure to copy the two smartapps code from the raw page on github. I can honestly say that @bravenel @Mike_Maxwell have saved the ST platform with this one smartapp IMHO

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I just re-installed Rule Machine using the Github method and the version is much different.

I set up two rules

  1. When Garage Door is closed lock garage inner door.
  2. When Car1 Presence or Car2 Presence arrive unlock garage inner door.

Rule 1 works perfect

Rule 2 Didn’t work when I tested with Car1 Presence Arriving

So I split rule 2 into two rules
2) When Car1 Presence arrive unlock garage inner door.
3) When Car2 Presence arrive unlock garage inner door.

Car 1 still not working. (Old SmartThings Presence Sensor, original model)
Car 2 Works ! (New SmartThings Presence Sensor)

So any thoughts on why Old Presence Sensor isn’t working?
The status is changing in the app, but Rule Machine now working.

UPDATE: I fixed my older sensor. Being older it had a bunch more old smart apps running agains it and they were both V1 notify me when arrive (which have not been working, I thought I removed them) I deleted these. I also noticed that this was my original two sensor rule and although I removed condition 2 the other presence sensor still had the rule listed as an installed smart app. So I deleted the rule entirely and created it again from scratch. Now I have two clean rules. When Car 1 arrives unlock for one rule and When Car 2 arrives unlock for the second rule.

NEW Question: There seems to be two ways to restrict this unlock to certain times. I want to limit the arrive to when we are awake so if the sensor loses connection in the middle of the night the door doesn’t stay unlocked all night. Just to be ana1 about it.

The rule has two ways to do this.

  1. Define condition (optional) and select capability “Time of Day”
  2. Only during a certain time
    Both methods have the same options
    Why does rule machine have two sets of options that do the same thing ?
    Any reason to use one vs the other ?

When you use a condition, for instance Time of Day, that’s going to create two scheduled events, one for the beginning and one for the end of that period. Those events when they fire are going to cause RM to evaluate its conditions and rule.

When you use a time restriction, from under More Options, no such scheduled events are created, so the rule is not evaluated at those times.

Which to use depends on your desired result. They cause significantly different results for some rules.

@bravenel I don’t really understand based on the description why “Condition - Time of Day” asks for a range, unless I am mis-reading your explanation.

You say s a condition “Time of Day sets two schedules” (Scares me away already since scheduled events are sketchy in ST server side), and at those times evaluates the rules. So do I understand this to mean that this rule will never be evaluated any other time ? If so shouldn’t “Time of Day” just have one entry, why a Start and End ?

For example in my case I want the following

  • When someone arrives home (presence sensor arrives)
  • If it is later then 7am and earlier than 8pm then unlock the door

If I set up the rule using condition it will not work because the condition means this rule will only be fired twice once a 7am and once at 8pm and it is unlikely that the arrival event will happen at the exact same time (I would think it might work if presence was looking for Present not arrival event) but that would be a condition.
So This rule would NEVER work
Trigger - Presence Sensor Arrives
Condition - Time of Day - Start 7am End 8pm

However if I use
Trigger - Presence Sensor Arrives
Only during certain times - Start 7am End 8pm
This should work as I desire.

If I am correct I still think the “Time of Day Condition” should be only one entry. For example I have a smart app which fires once a day to turn off my heat in the morning. I could replace with “Condition - Time of Day 7am” Action - Turn Off Heat" But I don’t want it firing twice Start and End, only at one particular time.

what is the “other way” to install rule machine… I cant quite figure out the github method…??

It asks for a range because that condition will be true at any point within that time range. It evaluates the rule at the beginning and end of the period because entering or leaving that time range may cause the rule truth to change. For example, consider these two conditions:

Time between sunset and sunrise
Back door unlocked

These conditions allow a rule that say notifies you when the back door is unlocked when dark outside. If the door was already unlocked at sunset, that scheduled event causes a rule evaluation, which is true then, so you are notified. If the door was locked, and then unlocked at night, you would be notified. But if the door is unlocked during the day it’s not going to notify you.

If instead, you used a time restriction for this, you would not be notified at sunset that the door was unlocked, because there was no event to cause rule evaluation.

For this example you DO want a time restriction, not a condition, and you want a trigger, not a rule.

Trigger: presence arrives any
Action: unlock door
Restriction: only between 7 am and 8 pm

Make sense???

Go to the Github source from the link, and click on Raw. Then Select All and Copy to clipboard. In the IDE, create a new SmartApp (if the very first time), and click on the From Code tab. Then Paste into that window and click on Create. Then click on Publish for Me. Do this for both Rule Machine and Rule.

Later, to update, you do the same thing to get the source from Github, and then just open the source in your IDE, and over-write with the new copy (select all and then paste).

thanks bruce… but where exactly is this github source link… i think THAT is my problem…


Yes, got it now :slight_smile: How long do you think before Smart Things realizes they need to buy your code and give up on their method :slight_smile: Great Job !

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Why don’t you read the documentation? Everything you need to know is there.

Never. …

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