Presence + Sunset = Switch On

I’m new to the community. Hope you will all forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I have numerous lights I wanted turned on every evening at sunset. That works fine. However, I have additional lights I want on if someone is home at sunset. I’m looking for a routine or app that will check the status of presence devices at sunset and turn on additional switches if a presence device is home.

So, I need 2 things to be true. First that it’s sunset and second that one of the presence devices is home.

I hope one of you may be able to help me. I submitted this to support and will update when I get a response. Thanks Everyone…

try rule machine

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t read the material throughly at this point but from the quick look I have made I must say it’s looks like a very foreign language to me. I’m not at all sure I have the chops to use it.

Try this: :sunglasses:

I think I finally got it guys. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me. Here is my solution for those who may have need for a similar situation.

First, you need a routine the only purpose of which is to change the house mode to home when any presence sensor arrives.

Second, you need 2 routines for lights on at sunset. The first turns on lights you always want on at sunset regardless of who may or may not be home. For instance outside lights. The second routine turns on other lights that you want on at sunset when someone is home. This second routine contains the criteria that is should not occur if the house is in any other mode other than home.

It worked for me this evening. Hope this information is helpful to someone else.