New rule help

Hi all,

I’m experimenting with Smartthings while my main device is hubitat.

I am however having trouble with a rule as it’s a little different to what I’m used to.

I have lights in the attic, that I want to turn on Monday Thursday and Friday at 8am and turn off at 4pm - easy bit

Now I want only want this rule to apply if only I am home.

I can’t use the specific home mode as the family might be home as well but I may be at work

Set up your phone as a mobile presence device and include that as a condition to your rule so that only when your phone is home will the rule run.

Silly question how do I do it to say when I’m home as the options for presence say every time anyone arrives. Is it just terminology understanding because I don’t arrive I’m still home?

No silly questions here cause everyone started out new to ST, so ask away!

Here’s one of my rules that only runs when I arrive:

Tap on that people icon and you should be given an option to select just your device:

That’s what I thought, but my thought was does that only trigger when you enter the room or does it also mean “if I’m home”

Ah, definitely not by room, only home as defined by geolocation. I would love to have that level of detail for presence, especially when we had more people living at our home. Now that we’re taking care of elderly parents, a need for that level of presence detection would also be very handy.

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Sorry didn’t mean room I mean enter the geo location, but you answered my question anyway . Rooms presence is complex, someone had a user built app on hubitat, but I just settled for extending the off time

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It does also mean “if I’m home”.

It is actually testing if a (hidden) presence sensor device is reporting present but they have chosen to dress it up as ‘Member Location’.

So if a Routine is running because it is 8am it is effectively testing if you are at home.

If the Routine is running because the presence sensor has changed state from not present to present it is effectively testing if you have arrived.

Functionally it should be the same, but many people create a virtual device that turns on and off when they come home/ leave. This gives you the ability to see the present status, and more importantly, if it doesn’t flip correctly you can manually intervene to set a device home or away.

That being said, there are currently problems with edge drivers (both virtual and device) having events missed and so not triggering automations, but that is a new problem and hopefully being worked on and so should be short-lived. I don’t know if the actual device presence is suffering the same thing.

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Thank you! I feel like it’s starting again since hubitat. Although I still have it deployed I got a cheap deal on a hub so thought I’d have a go