ActionTiles layout changes on different screens?

Is there no way to get a consistent layout from device to device? I came up with the perfect layout on my iPad and then found out when I go to another device, the time I spent was an utter waste because it reconfigures everything based on the new screen size. No buenooooooo. I can tell the order of the tiles is the same but it just makes it more difficult to use because things are all over the place now (in comparison to the way it looks on the iPad)

Could you guys give me some tips on this situation?

I am on a trial basis at the moment with actiontiles and these seems almost like a dealbreaker for me.— I am very picky I must add.— Most people around me are “non techies” and if they walk up to a tablet I have placed in each room and the layout is slightly different, that doesn’t seem very consistent/ user friendly.

Is this just the “nature of the beast” with no good way to remedy this situation since it’s a browser based solution?

My recommendation and the way I have accomplished this is that on each of your devices that differ in screen size, you have a totally different set of panels. For my 5.5" z Force Android I have a complete set of panels that work together and are sized appropriately for that device. You can see my screenshots of how I have this setup up in the official ActionTiles thread out here from a few days back.

As for my 10in tablets, I copied all my z Force panels to new and created a different layout with appropriate sizing for tiles and settings as to how to display them on those devices.

The way they built the foundation, there is no dynamic resizing that takes place based on screen size, without going into Settings and changing the Tile size for that Panel on the fly. Maybe someday it will have a one size fits all. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link in another thread I posted my layout for my Android panels:

And make sure when you are laying things out and viewing the panels that you take Full Screen into account. When viewing go to Settings / Full Screen as that’s ultimately how you are going to want to display your panels and that changes the landscape.

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Thanks for exploring ActionTiles…

Yes: At this time, the rendering of Panels is specifically designed to follow “responsive web page layout” rules, which means they will flexibly automatically resize and rewrap depending on the device screen size and resolution.

We are thinking about options to make this behavior different, but it isn’t a super high priority since as @wb70 points out, customers can “Copy Panel” to make a layout unique for each Tablet or Phone (and that tablet’s particular users Things and preferences… Colors, Tile Size, etc.).

Note that each Tileset starts on a new Row, so that’s one way to create some predictability in layout (Tiles layout left to right, top to bottom). And experiment with Blank (spacer) Tiles!

BTW: Weston…

We have a recent Feature Request in our ActionTiles Feedback Forum for a “Panel width setting”, which would be one way that one Panel layout could give more consistent results when even viewed on different screen sizes.

By locking it to the width of the lowest resolution device and then either centering or scaling the Tiles, the results might be conveniently “cross-platform” in a different way than “dynamically responsive”.

We’re always looking for good ideas to improve ActionTiles, and it’s too early to say what the priority of this one is and exactly how it can or would be implemented; but we can say … @625alex and I are thinking about it!

Please visit our ActionTiles Feedback Forum and allocate Votes and/or Discussion to the Topic (or others…):

It seems to me that perhaps some kind of “End Of Line” tile to force the next tile to start on the next row might be a way forward.

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The current workaround to achieve exactly that behavior is to start a new Tileset. While we actually have a Feature Request to allow Tilesets to be placed side-by-side; the current and only behavior is for a new Tileset to automatically force a new row (line) of Tiles to begin.