SmartThings account for child?

Yeah, I’m liking that system. It had crossed my mind some time ago that I’d really like to have a tablet setup that would provide easy control of everything from a central location, but figured I’d have to do a lot of my own coding to pull that off. This sounds like a great solution if I can come up with an appropriate device to dedicate to it from my backlog of junk.

Does it have any sort of system for authenticating certain commands? PINs that can be required for some actions?


+1 for ActionTiles.

I started using it only recently even though I’ve had a ST hub for 2+ years at this point.

But I quickly started to favor it over interacting with the clunky ST app.

You can set very granular level PIN code protected tiles.

Runs fine on a couple Fire 5th gen tabs I got just for this purpose.


action tiles is Intended as a dashboard for your system. You can turn devices on and off from it, but you can’t create new rules there or delete devices from your smartthings account. And you can select only the devices that you want to appear, so you can keep the dashboard in the kitchen, for example, from being able to turn off the lights in the bedroom. Or unlock the medicine cabinet.

But I believe they have added more granular controls, @tgauchat Is one of the developers and can say more.

(one of the biggest problems we had with my housemate’s friend, she would just go through and turn off every tile on the device list even though we are three housemates. So they would be going to bed in his room and she would be turning off lights all over the house from the app on his phone. :tired_face: ActionTiles solved that. :sunglasses: )

There’s even a thread just for discussion of hardware and screen customization options: ( Smarttiles was the original version of actiontiles, and was free, but had many fewer features and is no longer available. But the same hardware options apply. )


Hi Jarrett… ActionTiles co-founder here to help answer questions, though we usually say its worth the time to “dive in & explore” for for 14 days (extendable by contacting

  • PIN Protected Tiles are great for sensitive functions on any dashboard Panel that is not otherwise secured (or left logged in). Selectable per Tile (SHM, Lock, etc.), but currently same PIN for entire Panel.

  • More powerful is administrative granular sharing / revoking of any number of custom Panels to children’s rooms, teen phones, and even house / pet caretakers, etc… ActionTiles Accounts are secured with unique email login and passwords; currently unlimited.

  • We don’t enhance or offer presence detection (maybe someday?) because reliability varies regardless of the implementation.

  • Many of our customers still appreciate the classic arm/disarm & sensor status view that an affordable mounted control panel provides. ActionTiles is the app to bring this to SmartThings homes.

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Very helpful, thank you. My understanding is the licensing fee is per device, correct? That gets pricey quickly for giving it to each of my kids and rooms. Honestly, I have a pretty simple, small, two-bedroom apartment now that I’m handling. So one central panel near the door to replace the alarm panel I have now from Spectrum that I’m about to shut down would probably work well.

Does the PIN Protected Tiles feature allow me to set several available PINs and track their usage? I know you indicated same PIN for entire panel, which doesn’t concern me, but are you saying that it’s only one PIN that can be configured or simply that any PINs I set (multiple included) would be able to control ALL PPTs?

Nope… The current $23.99 “Affordable License” is per SmartThings “Location” (ie per Hub), unlimited users and browsers / devices.

Currently we don’t have multiple-PIN Feature, but we’re a continuously improving app, so that’s been requested and might happen someday.


For me, I am running ActionTiles on 2 Tablets and 2 phones as of right now for the $23.99.

As for having multiple children, some of the flexibility you have is creating multiple panels for what devices each kid can see, access and have as a functional tile (pincode required), and preventing them from being able to access the administration console. One kid, you might only want to be able to access lights and one kid can arm / disarm the system and lock / unlock doors, so they would have different panels / shortcuts that each of them would access.

The one thing I’m most impressed about is what ActionTiles started as at the beginning of the year, and the number of enhancements that have been implemented since then and where it is at now. I can access all my devices, view my cameras, receive voice notifications on my tablets (not an AT feature), have real time weather maps displayed, auto wake up of the tablets when I walk by (wall mounted not AT functionality). I rarely use the SmartThings Mobile application.

Smart Home Monitor Tile access after entering 4 digit PIN


Thanks for the recognition of @625alex’s tireless enhancement development efforts - 4 major releases since the first public version in March; I guess that’s 1 every 2 months. (Hmmm… I think Alex being “tireless” isn’t exactly accurate; he gets some sleep… :sleeping::joy:).

I think we’re on a roll to squeeze in the 5th one by year-end and maintain this velocity, but no promises.

Also proud (to say so ourselves…) of our responsiveness to Customer Support requests with 98% satisfaction; no major outages, and quick fixes to most post-release bugs. This year has been and adventure!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Panels!


Agreed, nice panels. @WB70 where do you pull those two weather tiles from?


Speaking of weather tiles … I have become quite a fan of Weather Underground - it seems so much better than either Google’s or the local TV station’s forecast. Has anybody incorporated their forecast into ActionTiles?

Weather Underground (and others) have subscription fees for their API and scraping is technically illegal too.

This guy creates Media Tile compatible forecasts from an open source…

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This one you can go-to and select your region to get the radar map you want to display:

This one is local that I pulled from my local news website.


Thank Mark. Those are a few shots from the panels on my phone. The panels on my tablets are much better with 10 inches of space for a better layout.

In all I have 4 panels that i can go back and forth thru on my Motorola z Force (here’s everything)


Very nice. What’s the camera setup you’re using for the video tiles?

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It consists of 5 Nest cameras (3 indoor, 2 outdoor)


This is cool, thanks Terry.

How can I find out the hex color code for the background of the cobalt theme? I’d like this tile’s background color to match the rest of the panel that I’m adding it to.

If you use Chrome desktop, I recommend an Eyedropper extension like: Eye Dropper - Chrome Web Store

But the answer is #324b6e



Thanks a lot, will keep that browser extension in mind for the future.

I have used Snagit in the past as well for custom screen captures, and color matching to find / replace / insert color from a source for some of my customer’s projects.


How did you get the 7 day weather forecast to show up without it launching the website?