Action Tiles Broke This Morning

Hi _
ActionTiles broke this morning with a “??” in each Tile. Anyone else seeing this ?

Maybe something to do with this mornings updates ??

You may also want to contact ActionTiles support:

There were several reports of ActionTiles losing connection to SmartThings.

Please open My Locations page in ActionTiles, tap the (+) button and authorize with SmartThings to restore your connection.

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Hi Alex -
Thanks - The (+) sign on My Hub Cue Card does not do anything. My hub is listed at the bottom of the card and when I click on the right arrow the next panel shows my Hub ID with Hub Status “Uninstalled”


What country are you in? There were problems with the platform for EU and UK users this morning. :disappointed_relieved: this could have affected a number of integrations.

United States / Snowy California

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The Cue Card does not have a button. Please use the orange round button in the bottom-right corner that will take you to the right place.

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YES - That did it !!! Thank You !!!