ActionTiles 17.76% Off through Tues July 10th, 2018. Happy 4th of July 🎆!

:us: :fireworks: Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue :fireworks: :us:

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Apply to Cart before Checkout. Valid through Tues July 10th. Limit 2 per household.


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Try the Theme Builder/Editor as of ActionTile v6.8.0…

Import and enjoy our “Old Glory” red, white and blues theme:

"accent-tile-background-color": "white",
"accent-tile-content-color": "red",
"accent-tile-footer-color": "#3675C4",
"accent-tile-header-color": "navy",
"info-tile-background-color": "#25399A",
"info-tile-content-color": "skyblue",
"info-tile-footer-color": "white",
"info-tile-header-color": "white",
"normal-tile-background-color": "#021B44",
"normal-tile-content-color": "#20F3FF",
"normal-tile-footer-color": "white",
"normal-tile-header-color": "white",
"panel-background-color": "#657FAD",
"tileset-header-color": "navy",
"warn-tile-background-color": "#C3090A",
"warn-tile-content-color": "#E9E9E9",
"warn-tile-footer-color": "white",
"warn-tile-header-color": "white"

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I think you meant “July” :wink:

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Thanks, James!

Boy this year is going by fast…! :date: :racing_car:

Can vouch for this product. It really has been a “Game Changer” in my ST Setup!

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Almost missed out! Started the trial because I have some family staying at my house while I’m not there and wanted to give them some controls of things. After playing around with it, I really like the idea and how easy and polished everything is! Now to find some of my old phones lying around here…

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You really should consider getting some cheap tablets. You run out of real-estate fast on phones and the little screen makes the experience less than desirable.

I use Fire Tabets with Alexa Hand Free Mode enabled. Solid combo as we find ourselves going past a tablet, it lighting up showing what’s on/off, and then saying, “Alexa turn such and such off/on”. Visual feedback with voice commands!

Hello 2018!



I’ll probably start with a simple guest panel that has my “Goodnight” routine and then a few lights that guests might need in the middle of the night and looks ok on a 5" phone screen. I did make a sort of “central command” panel that I can see wanting at least 7-8" at a minimum. And prime day is right around the corner…

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I agree… And with Prime Day just around the corner they are too cheap to not use really…

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Is it possible to extend the validity of coupon code till end of day today?