ActionTiles dashboard data lost

My ActionTiles dashboard has been pretty reliable ever since it was launched, except for a periodic service outage.

A day ago or so, most, although not all of my tile names were blanked out. The icons were all ‘?’ and the names were gone. In the dashboard builder, everything just looked like it had never been configured, meaning a bunch of tiles with no names or icons and not mapped to any actual device. I went into the ST app and opened and resaved the SmartApp settings for ActionTiles and I got most of it back, but there are still some missing names.

Is this a known issue? Did something happen? Don’t see any current threads on the topic.


You should also contact ActionTiles support…

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Alex posted this in a facebook group last night:

There was a number of issues with ActionTiles services yesterday. While the underlying problems are resolved, some locations may have become disconnected from SmartThings.

One of the following fixes this.

  • in ActionTiles, tap My Locations, tap (+) and authenticate with SmartThings.

  • in SmartThings mobile app, open Automations, scroll down to SmartApps, open ActionTiles V6, tap Done.

  • write to and include your account and Location information.


Contacting ActionTiles support is the fastest way to get help.

Please send a line to and include account and Location information.