Account Linking URLs

I am trying to setup account linking with my smartapp and my Alexa skill. Does anyone know what the correct Smartthings “Authorization URL” and “Access Token URI” would be?

I tried the below, but I can’t successfully enable my skill. Everytime I click login on the authorization URL, it just refreshes the page, and doesn’t redirect me back to the Alexa page.

Authorization URL:
Access Token URI:

Reference 1:
Reference 2:

My setup:

Looks like what you’re trying to do is an OAuth integration where SmartThings is the Authorization Server (user logs in to ST account and then ST issues the client a token, that the app can use to communicate with the API).

We are working on this feature, but it is not available at this time. When it is available we will provide documentation for exactly this type of scenario.

About how long do you think it will be until this is available?

Fair question, and I wish I could provide specific info, but I don’t have timelines.

We recognize its importance as it allows for integrations such as these and alternative client implementations, so are working on it. I’d recommend registering on the developer portal if you haven’t already, and opening a support ticket expressing your requirement for this feature we can keep track of requests for this feature. Thanks, and sorry it’s not available yet!

I have figured out what Smartthings client ID is (without a smartapp). For me (meaning I’m not sure if it is the same for everyone), it is 83ed14bc-e192-47fa-b877-40d1d421086e. I think it is meant to be for the “SmartApp” called Amazon Alexa. I have tested the below URL for Alexa account linking for my Alexa skill, and it seems to work, but the whole account linking is not successful because I don’t have Smartthings’ client secret. So I am trying to figure out the client secret for this “Amazon Alexa Smartapp”. Is there a universal Smartthings client secret available for this?

Hi Jim,
Following up on this message. Do you happen to have more information on timelines for this? Is this currently a high priority task?

I don’t have any timelines, other than it is something we recognize needs to be done. I know that’s not really an answer, but it’s all the info I can provide. Our product team is aware of the requirement and the need to deliver a solution.

Hi Jim,

Just wondering if you have any additional information on this topic?



The feature is in development. I cannot give timelines for its availability, or speak to any specifics, but it something we still feel is important and will look to deliver.

Hi @Jim,

Thanks for your replies.

We are looking to ship soon hopefully with SmartThings support and we need our frontend users to authenticate with SmartThings.

What’s the recommended way of doing this if using SmartThings as the authentication server is not yet supported? We are currently developing with a Groovy-app based solution using the old API, which allows us to authenticate via the client secret of the groovy app.

Can we publish via that method, or do you recommend something else?

Thank you

Hi @algolindo,

I’d recommend looking into the OAuth apps documentation, and then filling out the form to get access.