Install/OAuth Automation SmartApp via Web Browser?


I’ve been fiddling around with the new SmartApp (Automation) found here:

I’ve setup a Webhook, created and self published an Automation SmartApp, and was able to link/install it via the Samsung Smartthings mobile app similar to:

I see that once I’ve installed the SmartApp via mobile app, my webhook will receive the auth token during install lifecycle - which is great.

Is there a way to get an auth token via web interface and redirect_uri? Also, is there a way to install the Automation SmartApp via web?
In particular, I’m looking for something similar to the old functionality:
where I can have a user OAuth via web utilizing the SmartApp’s ClientId/ClientSecret

I’ve tried to use my created Automation’s ClientId/ClientSecret against, but I get error:

OAuth2 Error
error="invalid_grant", error_description="Invalid redirect: http://localhost:8181/verify/smartthings does not match one of the registered values: []"

Is there a place in the Automation configuration to set valid redirect uri’s?


I’ve just found this post:

I believe we are interested in the same feature. If so, does anyone have a timeline for this?

Thanks again,

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I would also like to have this capability.

Hello hchen,
I wonder if you were able to get OAuth flow working for the Webhook Automation SmartApp via web?
Currently I also try to make exactly similar you were trying.

No, sorry, I haven’t not gotten any further with this. It only seems to work with the old api (groovy).

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