Accidentally 12VDC PSU connected to ST hub :(


can someone help me? can I fix it replacing voltage regulator or capacitor?



Ooh nice blue smoke inducing event…

Seriously though. You could and im all for fix when possible but who knows what fried. Yes probably voltage regulator but likely a few other things. Do you have experience with electronics repair?

If it were mine… my time is worth more than the troubleshooting in this case. (I can get a new hub around the 100 mark, so all parts and labor need to be less.) Yes you could re-cap and put in a new regulator and possibly fix it (this would take at least an hour to go through and Iid all the fried components…) but you also have no clue what else took the hit. Many times issues don’t arise unless the primary issue clears. You could get into a cycle of fix, test, fix repeat quickly.

Also it’s not a classic Atari 6400 or a pal Commodore 64.

So… If it’s unresponsive I’m replacing it (especially if it’s not the Aeotec or a Station - everything else is pretty old ‘in electronics years.’). Might keep it on as a project just to see if I could fix it but I’m not in any hurry to put it back.


I bought a 2nd hand V2 the other day (as a backup) for $10 cant really go wrong there.

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Even more viable backup now that the new Hub Replace capability has been released!


Yeah, the V2 is getting the 50.XX hub firmware so will be able to use Hub Everywhere.

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Maybe. The staff member posting in the official topic is being very cagey about exactly which models will work. They’re just saying that if you can use it, you’ll have the option in the app.

I’m wondering if it will only apply to some individual hubs, or if it’s going to be region locked, or something. Otherwise you would expect they would’ve already given a model list. :thinking:

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I wonder how many V2 models are out in the wild? If they cut V2 out then they might see a mass migration to other systems like Hubitat. Hubitat has a now has a shiny new C8 hub and you have cloud backup and migration available.

All my old custom Groovy drivers work on Hubitat. I have migrated some of my stuff (like lights) to Hubitat and just use @csstup fancy Mira: Hubitat to SmartThings hub integration Edge driver instead.