About to make the jump...but I need a on/off relay module

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I’ve been researching the available home automation systems for months now based on my specific needs and I’m close to making a decision. Available devices in the SmartThings system seem to satisfy all of my needs, except for one: an in-line on/off relay module that I would use to remotely turn on and off our whole house fan. There doesn’t seem to be an option directly listed on the SmartThings site, however reviews for the generic Z-wave devices that Monoprice.com sells say that users have been able integrate them into a SmartThings system - http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=11990&catargetid=320013720000066114.

Is that my only option for a device like this? Would this work: https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/products/evolve-lfm-20-fixture-module



Here are a couple of devices that I have used for in-line wire connections.

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Thanks - that’s exactly what I need!

(jotto) #4

I will second the use of either the Linear FS20Z-1 or Aeon Labs Micro Switch, I also use both for controlling in-line wire connections. Both are easy to set-up in SmartThings (preset device type) and have been running perfectly for over 1year with multiple on/offs daily. One thing I really like about the Aeon Switch is that it tracks and reports energy usage (in kWh) to SmartThings

Look-up your max watts for the whole house fan you have or test it with voltmeter (will want to test on max speed if its variable speed fan). Just make sure your not above the specs for the Linear FS20Z-1 (~1,000) or Aeon (~1200W 10A) *There are just off top of my head please look this up and make sure your setup is safe.

(Paul) #5

If I’m remembering correctly, those two devices are slightly different. The Linear is a true dry-contact relay, so the OP could wire it in series on the neutral side of his whole-house fan. To use the Aeon, the he would have to disconnect both the hot and the neutral from the fan, and connect them to the load terminals of the Aeon.

Benefit of the Aeon is that you can hook up a physical switch to it.

(Mike) #6

Thanks for all the comments! The fan is small - 24" with a 1/3 horse motor. The 1000 watt ceiling should be no issue.

The fan has two speeds so it’s on a three position switch. However we only use the low setting, and I don’t want to mess with the wiring as it is - we’re a few years out from selling the house. I’ll probably get the Aeon and wire it so that it interrupts the feed before the switch. The switch will be left in low speed position - I put it very high on the wall near the fan so it’s out of the way.

When we sell it will be super easy to remove the Aeon from the circuit and the fan will function normally again.

(Jared) #7

The Aeon doesn’t report state changes that were made using the toggle switch. It does fine with state changes through SmartThings, but you have to use something like Pollster to get the manual state changes into SmartThings.

(Paul) #8

They absolutely can report state changes made with the manual toggle switch. Some of the microswitches ship from the factory that way, but some of them need their parameters reset.

Use this amazing custom device type by @Mike_Maxwell

Set the state change reporting to “Report”

(Cody Truscott) #9

Why not just get the GE Fan switch in that case?

(Paul) #10

The GE fan controller is about $20 more than either the Linear or the Aeon, but you’re correct that it offers more options.

(Jared) #11

Freaking A. Thanks, man!