A wooden cube that controls lighting [OBSOLETE]

So cool to see everyone’s ideas and interpretations. Here’s a link to another cube project from @CyrilPeponnet



I’m waiting for someone to post a 3D printed version (and the design file). Then I’ll just take it to our local library and print it out! (Yep, I’m that lazy these days :slight_smile: )


I was actually thinking of printing one. Maybe Ill do that this weekend.

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I just finished creating an .STL file for my version of the mood cube. Just started printing it. We’ll see how it comes out. The idea is the two parts will snap together and then I can print different side covers with different text and/or in different colors that will snap into the main cube. The multipurpose sensor slides into the the part on the left.

On the left are the two halves and on the right is the two parts paired together. The ‘Off’ tile has extruded text and will be all one color. The ‘On’ tile is negatively extruded and will be printed in two different colors. The blank tile will just be printed in the color it represents.


Nice! Eventually I plan on making a off,on,stop,low,med,high cube for my fans with lights. Will be cool to see how yours turns out.

Here is the initial print. It was printed at fast speed so it is a little rough. This was also done in ABS instead of PLA and I haven’t ‘sweated’ it yet. I"ll do the final print with PLA so it will be smoother. Since each color prints a little differently and requires minor tweaks to the extrusion settings to get a perfect print I am going to change the design. When I get time I will make the panels slide into the sides opposed to snapping in so my tolerances won’t have to be so tight.


THIS IS AMAZING! What sensor is this? Will this work on Apple iPhone iOS SmartThings app? I NEED TO make one? Do you happen to have a build video? Thanks!

You just need a sensor with an accelerometer so you get X, Y, and Z axis reports. So you can tell that it turned in three-dimensional space and Where it ended up.

Most people use the SmartThings multisensor for this. The mood cube smartapp works in the official SmartThings app regardless of the phone version, I believe, but you only need that during initial set up.

First pair the sensor to SmartThings. Then build your cube and install the sensor. (Make sure you can get it out again to change the battery.)

Now you are ready to install the mood cube smart app.

  1. Open the official SmartThings mobile app

Two) choose marketplace

  1. choose smart apps

Four) choose lights and switches

  1. choose mood cube and follow the directions


THIS IS AWESOME! Currently building my Cube! Ill post pics and any issues I run into. Im hoping the “Save Current Light State” will work for me as I have read it hasn’t for so many. I have 5 lights I will be building into this idea. Wish me Luck! @JDRoberts @Pete

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HI guys,

I have a few questions/comments about the Mood Cube set up. Here’s where I am:

I secured both parts of the ST multi sensor inside the cube (because only one part throws my SHM off when in Arm (Stay) or Arm (Away) as it reads open. I was able to “Record Current Light Status” only once. After that it wasn’t able to record one scene after another. It kept recording the SAME SCENE (the first scene recorded). However, I used the following process to get the “Record Current Light Status” to work again.

  1. Change lights to the scene you wish to record (I used Hue app, as I have my scenes already planned)
  2. Turn lights off using ST (NOT Hue)
  3. Quit all APPS
  4. Shut phone Down for 30 seconds (I use iPhone 6s)
  5. Turn phone ON
  6. Using ST, Turn on all lights (This should load the last setting of each light)
  7. Go to Mood Cube Smart App, choose Scene number, choose “Record Current Light Status” and save.

This worked for me 4 times in a row. Not sure if it was this illustrated process, or not. But it’s certainly worth a try if you’re having trouble recording scenes.

Now the questions

  1. Id like to have ONLY half of the sensor inside the cube, but it will continually read as OPEN. Does the sensor always have to read as open? Right now I have both parts in the cube touching so it reads as closed. But is there a way to bypass this?
  2. If the cube is upright in the ON position it can randomly select the scene if the table the cube is on is moved. Has anyone else noticed this? my dog is clumsy and has moved the table accidentally and then the light change during the day. To bypass this I placed the cube in the “off” position before leaving the house. But is there another way?
  3. Is there a grid/map/graph/chart of the Hue and Saturation numbers that can be manually inputted? I tried to mess around with the numbers randomly and I can not for the life of me figure out in which direction the colors change according the manually inputted numbers.
  4. I’m attempting to design my own cube that I bought from Michael’s Craft Store. But I would love to know what other ideas people have used for their cube. I am particularly interested in a Wood Design.

Thank you to anyone who’s reading/responding to this.

Best Wishes All

Hey everyone, I just finished my own take on a Mood Cube. Total cost - $14.xx plus 20 minutes of work.

Here are some pictures:

Here’s what I purchased to make it:

Baseball Display Case from Amazon
Vinyl Decals from Amazon

Mine looks a little rough because I eyeballed the vinyl cuts, and because the bottom face of the cube (the blue face on my build) has some plastic risers that I could have, but was way too lazy to dremel or sand off. With a straight-edge cutter and some fine grit sandpaper, one could build one that looks even better than mine! Best of all, I used up very little of the vinyl decals, so I have extra of those to refurbish my cube or use on other projects.



Do you have to rotate the Cube in a special way, i only get 3 states.
I use the first gen. multi sensor


  1. You can exclude the second piece from the cube. It will remain in open state but you can configure your SHM to exclude this sensor.
  2. I’m not sure what may be causing this issue for you.
  3. The manual color values are in hue/saturation format. I’m not 100% sure but I believe they both range from 0-100. Hue values follow the ROYGBIV color ramp. Saturation is the intensity of the color. I think 0/100 should produce red.
  4. There are plenty of wooden cubes in this thread. If you have a specific question, just ask.

You can even modify the device handler UI attributes to make the sensor display temperature instead of being “open”, which is what I did.

Is there any chance you could share that 3D file? I’d love to have a friend print one for me, too!

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That was just a prototype. The kids liked the different colors. I was working on a better design but put it aside as I’ve been totally fed-up with ST. I will work on finishing the other one over the weekend and send you the .STL files. If you want the files for the one pictured I’d be happy to send them to you.

I’d love anything you can send me! I have a friend that’s offering to print it for me, so even if it’s just a prototype that I want to improve on, it’s better than what I have (nothing). Thank you so much!

@schapper05 @jaysoncopes
Sorry this took so long. I ended up having to go out of town. Here is the link to the .STL and .123 files. I haven’t had a chance to work on the design yet. I will post the updated files once I get a chance to work on them.



Here’s another variation from @nycnickk

Has anyone experienced an issue when setting up the Mood Cube smartapp lately that when you get to the second page, it just hangs? I cannot seem to complete installation. I’ve installed smartapps a dozen times and never had issues before.