A decorative cube that controls your home

Well, I call it SmartCube, my son calls it a “remote control” and my wife calls it the “Thing-to-make-the-other-thing-stop-talking”….

So, I setup my smarting’s V2 hub and connected about 49 other devices on it to control basic factions in the house, get alerts, notification and everything else smartthing’s offers for a smart home.

Well, I can use the smarttings app, I can change modes, setup devices, tiles, control the house, but my wife can’t….

She barely using her cell phone to make calls, no tech skills, I have tried to teach her so many times but nothing. So after looking into the forums I found the MoodCube used as Hello Actions…. GREAT !

So I am using the basic 6 Hello Home actions using a cube, everyone in the family is loving the simplicity of a smart home. So there you go, my son calls it a remote control for the house, my wife (see above) because it will turn off sonos and my mother calls it the “box-thing-you-play-all-day”.

Regardless, it works and EVERYONE is using it.

The box it is a creation of “** FineGiftsEngraving **” found at Etsy.com Link here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FineGiftsEngraving?ref=l2-shopheader-name

You can see my cube here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/251348598/home-geeky-decor-solid-wood-cube-with?ref=shop_home_active_20

Lol, I found it funny that they call my cube “Geeky” !! lol

This store, will make any size cube, and the best part is that you can email any photo you want engraved on it to match you Hello Home Actions… they are amazing and the customer service is great too!

You also going to need a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (it has to be a Multipurpose)

And then, you need the APP to run it!

Here is for the HH Actions: https://github.com/skp19/st_hello_home_cube/

Code was written by @eparkerjr original post here: Hello Home Cube

And the Original MoodCube Lighting App is here: A wooden cube that controls lighting

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, here is the video,


The box looks beautiful. I’m glad someone is making good use of the app. It does make things simple for the tech challenged.

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I forked your sources and enhance a few things.

  1. It’s based on routine like yours.
  2. I implemented the autorefresh for the current position.
  3. I also added the contact action (I have a base with a magnet to trigger an action if the cube is on the base or not).
  4. I simplify the orientation logic (more readable)

Posted the video today!

I like the look of your version of this, being able to use the magnet too.

Does anyone know how you can set it to change the colour of Hue bulbs when you change sides?

The first script was for hue light, the second was for actions. Search the forum and you will find it.

To get this to work properly do you need to turn the cube in a specific way/orientation?

I sort of got this working by adding a virtual switch for each action but it doesn’t always change when you change sides and sometimes it doesn’t change for 20 or 30 seconds

No need to do a virtual switch for every actions. Just install the app Smart Cube for lights found in marketplace and that’s all . Or search the forum for an updated code.


Tried that first but I like the idea of having 6 surfaces to control light colour, on, off and use the magnet to control two other things like this particular version is supposed to do