Mood Cube on the cheap

I really wanted to try the Mood Cube app but didn’t want to build anything to complicated but I also didn’t want it to be a cardboard box.

I found this photo cube at Michael’s for under seven dollars.

It comes apart easily…

I grabbed a piece of card stock and cut and folded it to match the clear plastic pieces and a motion sensor.

just attach a motion sensor (I used a multi-sensor) inside the cardboard box…

and reassemble with card stock to hide the inner box…

At this point it’s just a white box, but it’s pretty easy to imagine adding pictures or photos to differentiate each side.



Sorry… have to share mine that is even cheaper… I put the multi sensor right back in the box it was shipped in. The kids think it’s a magic box! :slight_smile:


Even MacGyver wouldn’t even know how to remove the battery tap without opening the box. You are good. Very good…

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Photo cube! I have a cardboard box with post-its labeling the sides, but it isn’t the best. I just couldn’t
find a decent cube.
Plus I will have the box it came in for another cube.

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Nice project!

Minor correction, it’s multi-sensor, not motion.

I was actually looking at using a photo cube from Michaels, too. They have this one on the web site but it comes only in multiples of 6. It is very small but from the description would just be big enough for the multi.

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Another option that I used.

Ultra Pro Square Baseball Holder

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I can’t seem to find this multi sensor. Is it still available?

At amazon here:
Also available at Best Buy.

I retired my mood cube in favor of the Mi cube. Better reliability all around.