A “Smart Life” device came back online!

This device, a smart plug, that I purchased and linked back before Covid went offline on me over a year ago. I could not reach it via the Smart Life app, and Smartthings could no longer reach it. In fact, I could no longer even sign on to the Smart Life app.

Lo and behold, the device came back online just yesterday. And the old automation that worked it returned. It’s now a Routine. It defaulted to disabled, but I re-enabled it and it works.

I’m a bit bewildered to say the least. Im going to replace it with a smart plug that I trust more, but it’s fascinating that this occurred.

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Well. Reason may be that ST did “things” yesterday. I had also a Zigbee water sensor online for a few days, but back online. Yesterday there were things going on for 5 hours.


Maybe our databases were reshuffeld?

Remains the question (but too late now):" was your plug showing in advanced when it was offline ?

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And just like that, it doesn’t work again lol

Oh well. The replacement zigbee device will arrive soon enough

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