A possible home audio integration: smart dimmers?

Just thinking out loud a bit, and wondering how others have executed something like this (as I’m sure plenty have). I have a multichannel audio amp that accepts http control codes. So I’m imagining a smart dimmer that also has multi-tap capability to run it. Tap the dimmer once, it chooses a classical music source. Tap it twice, it chooses a jazz source. Etc. Tap it three times, it turns the system off. Slide your finger on the smart dimmer to choose the volume for your particular room.

So each tap, or tap sequence, would send an event to a Webcore endpoint, which would
A) turn on the smart switch into which the amp is plugged
B) turn on the unit itself
C) choose the appropriate input/source

And the slider would of course send the correct code to manipulate the two speakers in the room you’re in.

There are likely plenty of other ways to accomplish this, including a small cheap android as a dedicated remote control.

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Lutron has been doing something very similar for years with a special pico remote model for audio systems. For example, there is one that works with Sonos. The volume control is only for a single device but the other buttons, including choosing a favorites channel, control everything in an assigned speaker group.

For what it’s worth, although these will work as a wallmount, it’s been most popular with a table stand. That’s a battery operated device.



Unfortunately, it doesn’t work directly with smartthings. If you happen to have Sonos as your speaker system, it will work with those as a parallel means of control. :sunglasses:

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An Agara cube could probably work.