Controlling outdoor wireless Speaker volume?

So I have a pair of Bose outdoor wireless speakers that are powered by a regular GE Z-wave dimmer. I was hoping that if I dimmed the dimmer it would turn down the volume, but no such luck. Anyone have a solution for this? I know people are going to suggest Sonos, but I’m not ready to go that route yet.

They are in-wall switches? My bet would be that the line to dim them are not 120 volts. You could try the Leviton low-voltage, magnetic, and LED switch.

Ummm, lowering the supply voltage (via a dimmer) of an electronic device that requires a fixed voltage to operate (which is about every device except a light bulb) is going to do nothing to enhance the life expectancy of said device, and will likely contribute to an early death…

Meaning, you need to replace the dimmer module with a switch.

I don’t have a solution for you, but I do know you cannot control the volume this way (as you have seen), and the speakers will not operate properly or optimally without a full line voltage being supplied to them, so the dimmer module has to go…

That’s what I thought gents. Thanks.

You could use IR blaster to control the volume at your audio source, although I have not seen an IR blaster integration with SmartThings yet.