Wall dimmer volume control for chromecast audio

I want to develope a wifi enabled wall volume “dimmer” switch that can control the volume on a chromecast audio. I was thinking of using a Lutron Caseta switch and trapping the changes with a Ras Pi that would then control the chromecast. I am new to this community so please direct me if this or something similar has been solved.

I have not used the Lutron… is there a better choice? I know I can control with apps and google home already. But I have elderly people who just want a switch on the wall.

Any suggestions? Do I need a hub to use the Lutron or can the RasPi do it by itself?


Hi im not sure if anyone have something similar, but let me perhaps suggest you to look at HOMESEER WD-100+.

theres 8 buttons technically you could map to anything. So you could technically still use the switch for different things.
Ex: you can do double tap or triple tap to activate something else, hold down or up, etc…

Interesting. So how would you trap the changes in something like a Raspberry Pi or other computer on the local net?

Sorry cant you there :frowning:
Im sure there people out there that could help you out regarding this. I only know theres a smart app where you can bind those commands to other triggers.
Using core for example… as for raspberry pi i am unfortunately not experienced enough