Fibaro Dimmer 2 load problems

I have 2 212 dimmers in my collection at the moment tand have used the code kindly provided by another user on this site, 1 dimmer runs 1x10w and 2x15w LED outside lights and it workes with the custom code perfectly off a normal switch.

I have an issue with the other dimmer, it is running off the same device handler and i am trying to run 1x10w and 2x30w led floodlights. It works fine with the just the 10w (with the addition of a bypass, but as soon as I detatch the bypass and place in the 2 30w then its just stops working, I have tried running the configuration but this gives me a solid red light after which as far as I can see is a possible over load of the dimmer. how can this be? its only a maximum load of 70W?

Any advice would be greatly appriciated

Can you sketch it out and upload it so we can have a look for you? Might help me and other to better understand your setup.

LEDs may use a lower wattage during normal operation but they have a power surge (called inrush current) when turning on that may trip your dimmer. What models are your LEDs?

You can get an idea of inrush currents here:

Click on the Measurement Report for various bulbs. For example, an EGLO 8.7W bulb (220V) has an inrush current of 7.285A even though it only uses 0.076A during normal operation. Just to make an idea… (source here)

The LED and luminex 10w floods and luminex 30w flood,

The surge may be a problem, I may try another way around this if there is no easy fix, just bang them into a socked in the loft with a ST socket,

I like the ideas of using these dimmers as a retrofit but they are just winding me up at the moment