A Network or Server Error Occurred

Trying to connect a hub, STH-ETH-200. Followed all the voodoo posts I can find. Factory reset the hub. Can see that the hub gets an IP address on my network through my router. Logged out and back in, rebooted phone, force stopped, cleared cache and data, reinstalled app. Gave app every permission to do everything I can find related to network access. It looks to me like certain people get this error for some reason and can never solve it, but most people don’t seem to encounter it. Happens on both of our android phones, an LG and a Motorolla. Feels like an app issue because it pops up so fast that it doesn’t seem to me that the app can be trying to do anything on the network. For some reason the app just gives up before getting started. That sounds like permissions, but I’ve given it everything short of rooting the phone.

Is this an existing hub you had or one you purchased used?

Color of the led on the front of the hub when you go to connect it (after resetting)?

If you login to the Advanced Web App does anything show in the hub section for the hub you are attempting to add?

Always recommend contacting ST support through the app —> tap on Menu and select Contact us.

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Purchased new (ebay), doesn’t appear to have ever been taken out of the box. Just have three zigbee tape lights I want to control with it, the rest of my lights are lutron caseta, so didn’t figure I needed anything newer or fancier. Advanced web app shows nada in the hub section. Lights are green on the hub (before and after factory reset).

If the hub has never been used…. Then that could mean the hub has never received any firmware updates. There was one update in particular that pointed the hub to a new set of servers to connect to and receive firmware updates. Without it, there is no way to fix and the hub will only try to reach out to the old server address that is no longer valid. But it still should have connected and listed in the link I provided above. But there is no way ordinary members on this forum can assist… you should reach out to ST support to investigate and either confirm the firmware is too out-dated to fix or it could some other issue that perhaps they can resolve. If unfixable… you can return or get your money back on eBay. This particular hub is quite old and has not been manufactured in several years.

What country are you located?



I’m in the US. Support walked me through the following procedure to clear out previous connection data.

Unplug power
Press and hold the factory reset button
plug power back in while continuing to hold the reset button down
wait (took about 30 seconds) for the led to stop flashing and go to solid yellow
then release the reset button
After that, everything worked as expected and I was able to connect my T-Wav Zigbee tape lights.

Hope this info helps someone else.

I should have asked how you factory reset the hub you mentioned in your first post right away. I almost did. :slight_smile:

Glad you resolved it!

I just pressed and held the reset button for a few seconds and the hub shutdown, then I released and it booted back up. That’s pretty typical, but apparently not the correct procedure in this case.

Thanks for you help though, honestly I don’t know that I would have bothered trying Samsung support without your advice. I’ve just come to expect so little of customer support these days. Turned out to be a good experience.