"A network or server error occurred. Try again later." in Automation when using presence in new app

“A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” in Automation after migrating to the new app.

This shows up when I try to use my phone as a mobile sensor based on the new Smarthings app (pixel 4xl) - I get the error message. When I use my wife’s phone or “Marcin” which is the geolocatiob from the same phone but served via old Smarthings app I can save the automation.

So seems that adding my phone to the automation breaks it and makes it impossible to save it.

Anybody came across the same problem?


I get that same message when trying to delete one of my SmartApps (Echo Speaks) and when I try to complete the Harmony connect SmartApp, it says the same thing. Sigh.

First you need to remove the echo devices from all automations and webcore pistons, then you delete the devices, then you delete the smartapp.

I did that already. No automations are using them in the app. I don’t have webcore installed either. I did disable it from SharpTools, but I still cannot delete any of them. Thus, can’t remove the app I suppose. Don’t know why it doesn’t even give me an error message.

You may want to post in the echo speaks thread and see if others that use it might have an answer for you. I remember seeing a few others experienced the same issue.



Hey Marcin, i have exactly the same problem. Have you been able to find solution? I had no luck so far.

I keep on using the old app as a presence sensor and am not using the location reported from the new app - sort of am using “Marcin from old app” and ignore “Marcin from new app” as I cannot add it due to this error. Temporary but works.

Thanks for tip Marcin. Looks like i need to do the same as till now i haven’t found other solution.