A cooking advert in my notices feed?!? Not cool

I woke up this morning to see a big orange N on my app. Thinking there was an important notice, I went to that tab only to find an advert for some kind of cooking function.

WHO thought it was a good idea to poison the notices feed with advertising??

This is NOT COOL! The notices feed is supposed to be for important communications, like updates and planned outages, not for force-feeding us ads.

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I don’t think its an advertisement. I think it’s some kind of new SmartApp they built. I can’t find any info on it, though, and I don’t have any of the Samsung appliance it supports to test it.

Here’s the notice for those that haven’t seen it yet


It’s additional functionality, and it’s a notice. I moved on with my day I guess.


I saw this and thought “WTF? who would use this?”. Then I remembered some equally silly feature on the last microwave I bought (builtin recipes).

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