For Sale : Zigbee and Zwave switches, plugs, sensors, remotes, arrival sensor, and more

We’re helping someone go through a remodel, and a bunch of their HA stuff has been removed and needs to be sold. While I wasn’t the one who removed these devices, I can confirm they all work (see conditions below). I know for a fact that these were not properly removed/excluded from their ST hub due to timing, so you will need to reset them before joining them to your hub.

Before we list them on eBay, I thought I’d put them up for sale here first. The owner would highly prefer to sell the entire lot vs. parting everything out (for now). There are 225 devices, and the asking price for all (+ shipping) is $700, but offers would be entertained.

Please PM if interested, thanks!

Brand Model Type Quantity Protocol Condition
Leviton Vizia rf+ VRCS2 Double Switch 1 Zwave Used - will need a driver
Zooz ZEN30 S2 Double Switch 1 Zwave Used
GE/Jasco ZB4001 Switch 31 Zigbee Used
GE/Jasco ZB4001 Switch 1 Zigbee Used - blue LED is out
GE/Jasco ZB3001 Dimmer 4 Zigbee Used
GE/Jasco ZW4001 Switch 2 Zwave Used
GE/Jasco ZW4002 Fan Speed Control 1 Zwave Used
GE/Jasco ZW3003 Dimmer 1 Zwave Used
GE/Jasco ZB4101 Smart Plug 3 Zigbee Used
Enbrighten (Jasco) ZB3002 Dimmer 2 Zigbee Brand New
Enbrighten (Jasco) ZB1001 Outlet 1 Zigbee Brand New
Aeon DSC18103-ZWUS Micro Switch G2 3 Zwave Used
Aeon DSA03202W-ZWUS 4 Button Remote 6 Zwave Used (1 is finicky)
Iris iL06_1 Contact Sensor (G3) 2 Zigbee Used
Iris iL07_1 Motion Sensor (G3) 2 Zigbee Used
Iris 3210-L Smart Plug 6 Zigbee (and Zwave) Used
Samsung SmartThings STS-IRM-250 Motion Sensor 2 Zigbee Used
Samsung SmartThings STS-PRS=250 Arrival Sensor 1 Zigbee Used
SmartThings SmartSense (early gen) Motion Sensor 1 Zigbee Used
CentraLite Pearl Thermostat Thermostat 2 Zigbee Used
MWay 643190 Mini Smart Socket 7 Wi-Fi (Alexa only) Brand New

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That’s quite a hall. I’m curious to which switches they’re going to after those.

Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 switches. I have those as well and they work great. They are highly configurable, and we like the LED bar for use in notifications and alerts.