$79.99 Philips Bundle Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Light Strip Starter Pack 719925148

Note that this is 1st gen

I am just now jumping into the hue system…thoughts?


Gen1 hub is fine if you don’t care about Apple Homekit. Gen1 strips however are not the most popular. $79 is a good price though.
If you are not set on the strips ( don’t care about true blue color) Woot has been having the BR30 Gen1 kits with 3 BR30 color and 1 white bulb for $99.

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Sold out sadly. I have an order in for the gen 2 hub starter kit. I was just going to sell the gen 1 hub or something.

Woot has been running that deal every couple weeks. Sometimes on their site, sometimes through Amazon main site. Only thing Gen2 hub has is Homekit certification. Both hubs run the same apps and have all the other same integrations.

You may want to hold onto the extra hub to expand network. 50 device limit might seem like a lot, but when you start adding light strips, dimmers and now the local Hue PIRs it can be hit easily. I’m up to 30 Hue devices and have another 8 on order, 6 more strips on the shelf waiting to decide where to put them.


Just found this deal on Amazon:

The “2 pack” logo shows up on the page, so would it be accurate to interpret this as 4 lightstrips and 2 hubs total for $104 (aka, two packs of starter kits)?

No, I think more likely it is the regular generation one strip starter kit: two light strips, two power adapters, one bridge.

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Thanks! That’s what the description says and that’s what I figured, but it’s pretty deceptive of them to add this logo that implies you will receive two products total if they just mean two strips inside one kit:

In this case, the product would actually be the entire kit, so two packs should be two kits? I agree that they probably don’t mean that, though.

Since it’s a third-party listing, I’d complain to Amazon. They’ll fix it. That should be a Feedback link on the page for inappropriate product description.

Or you could contact the seller and ask them which it is :sunglasses: