709-BTP3 SEELEVEL II TANK MONITOR, reading data over bluetooth

I am trying to connect Bluetooth Tank Level Sensors to my SmartThings Account, so i can read all data and tank levels along with other SmartThings Devices on my SmartThings Account.
Anyone has any experience with 709-BTP3 SEELEVEL II TANK MONITOR reading data over Bluetooth and sending data to SmartThings Account,
I am new to SmartThings, but i may be able to figure out the Bluetooth Data Reading part from the device in C# code. but need help sending that Tank Levels data to SmartThings Account. any one here can help?

Unfortunately this won’t work since there is no way to connect bluetooth devices to a SmartThings hub. it’s possible to connect them to the SmartThings app on your phone directly, but very few devices do this.

Connecting to Bluetooth Device Via Phone is fine too, but i need some help on how do i send data/values to SmartThings Account after reading via Bluetooth.
So all of the Devices and their states, values show up in one SmartThings apps
I can possibly write a Custom Android/Xamarin Forms app to read data from the Device over Bluetooth, and push it up to Samsung SmartThings Account via API , but what are steps to Writeback all the data and values to SmartThings Account?