Linking Secure SES 302 and SES 002 Tank Sensor on Smartthings

I have a Secure SES 302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor that I’ve paired to my Smartthings Hub. All working fine. I have now added the pipe and tank sensor but I am unable to see the remote sensor. Does anybody know how to see the Tank Sensor in the Swathings App?

I have a Secure SES 303 which i am unable to get to work with Smartthing i know from the manual it states
To connect external sensor (SES 001) with SES 302/SES 303 in Z-Wave network, first make sure that SES302/SES303 is excluded from Z-Wave network. If it is not excluded, then exclude it from Z-Wave network, and include SES302/SES303 (after connecting external temperature Sensor) in Z-Wave network.
When I try to add my SES303 it shows in Smartthing as a socket!

@lux did you ever get this working? in the same position myself

Probably the issue lies within tank volume/pressure and the following calculations.
You either need to reconfigure your sensor, or new tank.
Anyway here’s the useful tool Hope it helps.

Thanks, @Jeronovo the problem lies with getting the pipe sensors providing the reading.
SeS302 is the main device that has slaves, these are pipe sensors and should report multiple readings. For example, 302 provides a reading itself, I then have 2 pipe sensors attached which should give different temperatures but getting that working in SmarThings is a nightmare.

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