Linking Secure SES 302 and SES 002 Tank Sensor on Smartthings


I have a Secure SES 302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor that I’ve paired to my Smartthings Hub. All working fine. I have now added the pipe and tank sensor but I am unable to see the remote sensor. Does anybody know how to see the Tank Sensor in the Swathings App?

(Scott Skinner) #2

I have a Secure SES 303 which i am unable to get to work with Smartthing i know from the manual it states
To connect external sensor (SES 001) with SES 302/SES 303 in Z-Wave network, first make sure that SES302/SES303 is excluded from Z-Wave network. If it is not excluded, then exclude it from Z-Wave network, and include SES302/SES303 (after connecting external temperature Sensor) in Z-Wave network.
When I try to add my SES303 it shows in Smartthing as a socket!