$60 HD camera - Blink

I’ve been looking at cameras for sometime, but never pulled the trigger. Found this camera today which is a great price and seems to have good functionality. They are currently for pre-order now. Wanted to let everyone know about them as they seem like a pretty good cheap camera option and get some thoughts on what people’s impressions are based on the description and FAQs on the website http://blinkforhome.com/ .

It’s in the kickstarter phase. It hasn’t started shipping yet. Everything looks great on kickstarter, that’s kind of the point. But there’s no way to evaluate an actual hardware device until they’re shipping and out in the field.

To their credit, they understand the issue with battery powered Wi-Fi cameras, and they’re actually proposing a unique hardware solution. And they have some engineering credentials to go with that. But hardware is hard. There’s just no way to know whether their approach succeeded until there’s actual device to evaluate.

So worth keeping an eye on, but no conclusions to draw yet.


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I ordered two through Kickstarter. I will post how it works when (or if) I get them and set them up. They report that their alpha program is complete and they are starting a beta phase. Kickstarter orders are scheduled to ship September 15.

This looks promising. I would love to just buy one unit per room that includes camera, motion, temperature, moisture smoke and CO detection. The nest came close but the newer version does not include motion detection anymore (i believe) and the price was too much for me at $99 for just smoke and motion. This one is close but does not include smoke/co detection. If they made an all in one unit that i could put in my Kitchen, Living room, basment and 2 hallways and priced them around $80-100 that would be ideal for me. Now i have to get 3 separate units for all this, but it looks like this gets us/me closer and closer.

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