Now this what I call a Smoke Detector++

I am going to back these guys for sure. Pretty awesome device and compelling purpose. Check out their Indiegogo page.

Neat product. I have a Nest Protect in my RV and am considering similar devices for home.

With Birdi and other cool things, I don’t care about the subscription model (for some advanced Birdi features) though. Even with ST, I may be subject to a subscription, not being a KS backer. All those 5.99 to 9.99 monthly fees add up from all those services for things we like.

We’re committed to not having a service fee for SmartThings. Additional SmartApps, or premium services may be added in the future and have one-time or subscription fees associated with them but rest assured that even non-Kickstarter backers will have a subscription-less option.


Note: You can have up to 5 Birdi devices in one location that connect through the free app on your phone.

What an odd thing to restrict to those with subscriptions.

One thing I like about the Nest Protect is that they have a hard-wired version as well. I’d rather not replace the A/C (with battery backup) sensors I have with some that only run on batteries. I just also can’t justify the cost to replace all of my smoke detectors with Nests, so I’m focusing on other things for now…


Thanks for weighing in. I had a typo in my comment when I said “I don’t care about the subscription model”, should have said “I don’t care for the subscription model”.

Nice that we’ll have a tiered model and each can decide for themselves, how much they need/are willing to buy in terms of services.