$50 Off at Ring.com

Only valid for purchase of Ring Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell Pro or Stick Up Cam. Limit one per customer. This promotional offer may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Use Code: GIVERING Expires 12/1/2016

Does Ring have a business presence in Texas? I ask because the online ordering system wants to charge me $20.54 for sales tax on a Ring Pro.

ETA: Also, using the GIVERING promo code correctly applies the $50 discount, but the site is calculating the aforementioned sales tax based on the regular price of $249. Total sales tax in my area is 8.25%, so it should only be charging $16.42, not $20.54.

They’ve had sales tax issues before, they really need to sort out their online store…

Oh now we’re censoring ‘swear’ words? I mean… dang! :wink:

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Ill see your 50$ off and raise you to 75$ off at best buy on black friday

that is the best deal available on the regular. However, the ring.com coupon can be used towards the Ring Pro or Stick up Cam.

Which would be awesome if they weren’t cutting into nearly half of that discount by incorrectly trying to charge me $20.54 in sales tax.

[quote=“Benji, post:3, topic:64186”]They’ve had sales tax issues before, they really need to sort out their online store…

So I submitted this issue directly to Ring and have gotten a couple of responses from them. The first was that since they sell via “retail partners and installers” in TX they must charge sales tax on orders from this state. I’m not certain yet whether or not that’s actually correct, so I didn’t dispute it. However, the 2nd response claimed that they’re computing sales tax based on the original non-discounted price because that’s what’s required by state and local law…which is factually false. The applicable TX statute is Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 2, Subchapter O, which clearly states…

So Ring is over-collecting sales tax on discounted items…or at least those ordered by customers in TX (although I know that the same rule applies in states like CA, CT, NY, et al as well). I’ve responded to Bryant at Ring with this info and will be interested to hear his response to it.

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