Turn light off after it is turned on?

I have a closet light that no one seems to be able to turn off on their own. So I want SmartThings to turn it off 10 minutes after it is turned on. It seems simple enough, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Any ideas?


I have a contact sensor on my closet door. I have a smart bulb in the closet. I use smart lighting to automate it.

Door opens, light comes on, and turns off when the door closes. Very simple.

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If you’re using smart lighting smartapp then there is the built in power allowance feature that will do what you’re looking for. Then there’s the super powerful CoRE .

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The contact sensors are cool, but the problem is in addition to not being able to turn off the light, people can’t close the door either.

Power allowance. Perfect. Does exactly what I want.

Now if only the people were as smart as the things…


I use smart lighting to do just what you want. Open door, light comes on…door closes light turns off…door NOT closed, light turns off after two minutes. Set it up as two separate activities.


The only problem with power allowance is those times you are in the closet and want the light to stay on longer…


Ha. Yeah, the people here would be in full agreement with you. I made the deal that if the people turn off the lights, then robots won’t have to. Until then, they’ll just have to hit the switch again to turn it back on.

Or if you want to be slicker and not get caught with your pants down in the dark, but still turn off your light when the internet is down (run locally), add a ‘disable’ mode like I do and don’t tell your family what’s the trick to enable it.


Remove a book from the nightstand while your toilet seat is up and closet door open?

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