490 alerts so far after I dismissed it

A smoke detector alert will not stop alerting me. I dismissed the alert. I removed the device. I reinstalled the app. The alert has alerted me now 490 times. Please help me to resolve the issue. I have opened two tickets with Samsung and all they do is send me canned emails asking me to dismiss the alert.

By any chance have you ever used both versions of the smartthings app?

Although both the V2 classic app and the newest V3 app have a feature called “smart home monitor” they are actually two completely separate systems. An SHM rule set up in one of the apps cannot be dismissed in the other. :scream:

Quite a few people who had an existing system and then moved from the V2 app to the V3 app found it they continue to get alerts from The V2 app, sometimes for weeks, until they figured out that they had to go back into the V2 app, dismiss all the alerts there, then remove the SHM rule there that was sending the notification and re-create the same rule in the V3 app.

Not sure that’s what’s going on with you, but I thought I would ask.