4 wire Baseboard Electric Thermostat

Hi, I just ordered eight Stelpro 2 wire (single pole) thermostat’s for baseboard electric. Installed 6 of them and then discovered two of my other thermostat’s are 4 wire (two pole). Does anyone know of a two pole z-wave, zigbee, or wifi thermostat?


I am not an electrician, but am assuming you might mean you have some baseboard heaters with 220 circuits and then some baseboard heaters that have a couple of 110 circuits to make 220.

I have 220 to my baseboard heaters and am using a Honeywell econnect Thermostat. I have a total of three Thermostat in three rooms. They all connect to a redlink wifi gateway. This is how I control them through IFTTT and smartthings.

Hope this helps you out. If you have any questions about my install let me know. It has been running for over a year now.