Looking between 3 thermostat to control baseboard heaters

Which Thermostat do you recommend for Baseboard heating, My choices are

  1. Stelpro Maestro at 72$ each
  2. Stelrpo STZW402+ 62$. Each
  3. Stelrpo STZB402+ 62$ each

I need about 10 total, #2 and #3 are 4000W while the 1) is 3000W

I don’t need a 4000W, but since it’s cheaper I’m wondering if it’s better (or if using a 4000W can be dangerous in a house)

I could be wrong but #1 is Zigbee and #2 and #3 are Z-Wave. So you pick whichever is best suited with your mesh and DTH available here.
As far as 3000 or 4000 watts. I would pick a 4000watts over 3000 just for the purpose of having it running cooler because of the cooling design inside the thermostat. Having more wattage doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. Your phone charger won’t be pulling 15 amps from the circuit breaker. It just means it’s capable of handling up to that power.

Semi wrong, 1 and 2 are Wave and 3 is bee (which is why the 3rd is STZB(ee). while the 2 is STZW(ave)

and make sense for the 300 and 4000 watts.

I wonder tho if the 62$ x10 is a good investment, like how often I would need Smartthings to control my thermostats

Given how unreliable Smartthings is. I would never allow ST to have full control of my thermostats. I went with Sinope neviweb thermostats for both my baseboard heater and infloor heater thermostats. There is a community DTH and I am quite happy with it.

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I prefer the Stelpro because i get price on it, Like the maestro is 99$ in shop i can get them for 72$ so they are cheaper for me then Sinope and I know Stelpro are good

What is the problem with using smartthings for Thermostat?

Would love to program them to exemple lower my temperature if no one is in the house etc.

But its still pricey 60$ for a thermostat, which is whu i’m wondering

Reliability is the problem. Smartthings is a cloud based system and when the cloud is down. You won’t be to control your thermostats. You will still be able to physically control them but not when you are away.

Of course that makes sense, My issue was more that if you say it<s unreliable that exemple smarththings would report 20C on it while in realiaty its 25 and etc

I mean I’m sure with any of those i can control them with Webcore saying exemple, if i’m away and we are between these dates put the thermostat at this temperature