4-way switch wiring help - line and load in same box

I’m looking for advice on how to wire a 4-way switch using the GE Z-wave switches (1 master and 2 aux). The configuration of the 4-way is shown in the diagram below, with the line and load in the same box. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Master switch goes in the box with line/load. Make sure your breaker is turned off! Connect all the white wires together (jumper for switch, light, power source, and 3 wire to second switch in the first box) Connect all the red wires together for your traveller (add a jumper in the middle box)

Leave the black wire of your red/black/white cables disconnected, cap off.

Install your master switch with line to power source, load to lights, red to traveller, white to neutral, and ground to ground. Install your aux switches with red to traveller, white to neutral, and green to ground.

Turn your breaker back on. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I worked perfectly!

Thanks for reassuring me on the correct configuration - everything worked right the first time! I don’t understand why the GE instructions only show one possible configuration (line-switch-switch-load - perhaps less likely in new construction than load and line in same box?) and give no instructions on using multiple add-ons…

I am having trouble wiring a Zooz switch in four way configuration. Could anyone help me out? I know their support is great but I have already taken apart the old switches and they asked me to connect them again in order to get help.

Hi new here…
I have a similar issue.
3 switches, 1 light, same room, but power @ the second, center switch.
how would wire that?
thank you.