Another 4-Way Z-Wave wiring question

So I’m trying to swap out my 4-way switches to GE Z waves, One main GE Z-Wave Switch and 2 Aux switches. House is only 3 months old. I’ve searched and searched and read post after post after online article and in the end I’m only more confused I think.

Switch 1 (Left) is a 3 way switch in a 4 gang box, has neutral in the back of the box. Red, white, Black, Ground.

Switch 2 (middle) is a 4 way switch. 2 reds, 2 whites, ground. Black wire tied together in the box but not hooked up to switch. No neutral bundle or of any kind.

Switch 3 (right) is a 3 way switch. Red, White, Black, Ground. No visible neutral. All my testing indicats this is also where the line from the breaker feeds in. (Which seems weird because everything else comes into the 4 gang box that switch 1 is located in)

I can’t figure out how to wire these bad boys in. I’ve done 12 so far without an issue. A few were 3-ways and I had no issue. This one has me totally defeated! Any suggestions or help appreciated.

This is a typical 4 way that has been covered by me and others here. They key to 3+ ways is the 3 way switches and you can ignore the 4 way switches. In order for a 3+way to work is line is on the common screw of one 3 way switch, ones with 3 wires, and load is on the common screw of the other 3 way switch.

Based on what you describe and pictures, line and load are in switch box 1. In your switch 2 location, that black bundle of wires is where the line is being “sent” to switch 3 which is why you have 120v power there.

So master goes in switch 1 and Aux go in 2 and 3. You just need to reconfigure wires a bit to get neutral to the Aux switches just like you did with other 3 ways in your house. Sorry not a ton of time this morning but hopefully this gets you started.

This is where I’m getting confused. With all switches disconnected and testing voltage. Sure enough switch 3 is the only one with power. Yet no neutral?

See my highlighted wire. Follow it and see it goes to a bundle of black wires. If so that is feeding 120 to switch 3. That bundle is your line. Then circled wire in your existing switch is load.

Edit: you will need to disconnect that black wire going to line bundle and cap it since it’s not needed. Then get a black pigtail, add it to that bundle and hook to line in your master switch.

Then put a white pigtail into neutral bundle and hook it to neutral along with the white wire currently hooked up to switch. This will send neutral to other 2 switches. Then red to traveler

In 4 way both reds to traveler and both whites to neutral on Aux. You can leave black wires alone as they are not needed.

In switch 3, put cap on black wire, red to traveler and white to neutral in Aux.

You are done!