2kw z-wave light switch? (UK)

Hi all,

We have 2 large floodlights (assume 1kw each) that we use in the evenings to (try to) keep our kids running around and off their gizmos. The issue I have is the switch for it is in the loft. This was a retrofit by a sparky and so I’m pretty sure we have all 3 wires easily accessible at the switch.

I’m looking at putting in a z-wave switch but my concerns are:

  • 2kw…not sure which switches will handle that.
  • Loft temps during summer. Granted we won’t be using the lights during summer as it’s light late anyway, but I imagine the loft heats up, so not sure the switch will cope too well with that.

I’d appreciate thoughts / ideas if anyone has any. Easy enough for me to look to get the normal Fibaro or alternatives, but I’m not sure they will like the 2kw and temps as above.

Cheers and thanks in advance,


2KW! Dam! You lighting up the moon or something?

It might be worth swapping them for LED floods and using a standard plug on them. Save you both money (in terms of setup cost) and running costs.

Also you looking for UK or US devices?

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Thanks, yep, sorry should have mentioned UK. What can I say, we like it bright outside! Thought about LED floods and that may be the right way to go ultimately, but going to be difficult to pass the wife’s scrutiny. I think I can replace a light switch and she won’t notice, but if I go to replace the lights she’s likely to “inject” herself into the project decision making!

The reality is we use them a handful of times a year, and the kids normally time the request for them to go on when we’re entertaining folks and after I’ve drunk more than my fair share of wine / beer / gin. At that stage I’d rather stay firmly on my butt than go clamoring up to the loft.

Are you secretly running the bat signal? … sorry enough of the bad jokes now.

What about: https://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-aeon-labs-heavy-duty-switch

Its Zwave so should show up as a standard switch in SmartThings without the need to find a DH, but I’m more then sure there will be one out there. Failing that, leave the standard switch up there and get a MicroBot push to click the switch for you in the loft - https://www.amazon.co.uk/MicroBot-Push-2nd-Generation-Automation/dp/B071V7Y864/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534760338&sr=8-1&keywords=microbot+push (I think it requires their hub too)


Many thanks again. I’d looked at the aeon labs switch for our pool heater before, but hadn’t thought about it for the lights…definitely an option.

In all fairness I ought to double-check…I assumed it was 1kw each as that’s what I would have installed (taking an industrial scale approach when sensible other options are available is something I inherited from my dad)…the sparky went off on his own and purchased the lights and installed them, so they may actually be 500w each…in which case there are easier alternatives.

The microbot is interesting…hadn’t seen them before. Had my own idea of a microbot solution for my mortice lock front door, given the seeming lack of insurance approved smart versions…but that’s a proble…I mean project for a different day.

You do the math on what it costs to run those two high power lights for as long as you do and you might find your wife more receptive to moving to LED, plus when you factor in bulb replacement costs and how often it happens, LEDs usually more than pay for themselves over the life of the bulb. That is why you see many municipality street lights moving from Sodium or Mercury switch to LED.

Thanks, that’s totally sensible, logical and all that good stuff. There’s just one problem with sense, logic and all that good stuff… :slight_smile: I may do it myself in the end…on a week-end when the cat’s away.

But first, I have my deck to do. We both veto’ed the idea of the firepit that rises out from below the deck…so no smart deck…which is also probably sensible.

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