3rd GE Bulb Link only shows up as "Thing"

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I’ve had two GE bulbs working with SmartThings for quite some time. This 3rd bulb just will not show up as a GE device type.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up lamp 1 foot from SmartThings hub with GE bulb in lamp.
  • Turn off SmartThings hub.
  • Turn lamp on and off at 3 second intervals until bulb dims and snaps back on.
  • Turn on SmartThings hub.
  • Search for new devices from SmartThings iPhone app
  • GE bulb blinks several times (you found me)
  • Device shows up in app as “Thing”
  • Log in to SmartThings dev page
  • Edit device called “Thing”
  • Change device handler to “GE Link Bulb”
  • Save changes
  • Try turning light on and off via iPhone App
  • Light does not respond. State of button does not change from “turning on” or “turning off” after pressed

3rd time is not the charm.

GE light bulb would blink as if it has been paired but would not appear on app (Help)
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Btw, I know not all of those steps are necessary to connect a device. I was trying to cover every suggestion from all the other threads I’ve read.


I’m sure that’s frustrating! Any chance this is one of the new daylight models? The box looks almost identical, but they have a slightly different pairing process as the new models aren’t automatically recognized:

Can you post the exact model number of the bulb that doesn’t pair correctly?

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Thanks for the reply JD. The box says “soft white.” Model PSB19-SW27.
Even if it was a daylight bulb, in my last steps, I changed the device type to GE Link Bulb and it still won’t work.

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Returned the bulb. Couldn’t dream up any other troubleshooting techniques. Perhaps I got a dud.


Could be, it happens.


OK, that’s the original model. It should definitely have been discovered as itself, not as a generic thing. So I think it likely was a bad device.