1/3 of my GE Link bulbs is not recognized

I couldn’t resist the draw of a $15 light bulb, so I purchased 3 of the GE Link bulbs to try with my ST hub.

2/3 of the bulbs were discovered correctly as “GE Link” devices by the ST hub and they are working 100% (yay!) but 1 of the bulbs was not properly detected (it just showed as “Unknown” device type).

I went to the IDE and manually categorized the device as a “GE Link” bulb, but it still doesn’t seem to be working properly as I can’t accurately see the bulb status or turn it on/off. Very strange…has anyone seen this or could it be a faulty bulb?

I’ve also tried moving the bulb closer to the ST hub and renaming it + uninstalling it and manually turning on/off. I have zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4 and Hub firmware 000.012.00074

Ok, this seems to be resolved - I read a blog article where someone talked about resetting the Link bulbs by turning them on/off 5 times with 3 seconds between each on/off operation. I tried that and then let the ST app try to search for the bulb again. This time the bulb flashed 3 times and the app was able to recognize it as a GE Link device.

I guess that something went wrong the first time this bulb was trying to pair with the ST Hub. My advice…don’t try to add multiple bulbs at once. When you get a new GE Link bulb, turn it on by itself and make sure it pairs successfully before turning on the next bulb and so on…

use the code in this thread for the GE Link devices, it is much more fully featured


@Daveuk100, just read your post. As k3vo stated, please try using that updated device type as well. I also recommend the Pollster app.