IP camera suggestions

I’m considering adding an IP camera to my SmartThings setup and wanted to guage opinion on those who have used them with SmartThings on which is the best and how well they actually work.
I intend to mount this outside our front door (it will be well covered by a fairly large porch, so moisture shouldn’t be an issue) - other than powering the unit is there anything to consider or will it just work nicely?

My two requirements are essentially:

  1. Integrates nicely with the SmartThings hub
  2. Can be connected to directly outside of SmartThings (due to the one user ST platform limitation) i.e. via a web page


As yet I’ve not tested this fully, however I have a:


Then I will be using the following:

This in theory should work, and you dont need to spend a fortune to do it. It has the external web access too!

Considering your requirements this is the best place to start.

Interesting. Would like to hear how you get on setting it up. At that price, if they work well I’d likely invest in a few.

Whats the likely running costs of these if running 24/7?

Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the compatible products, but looking more for users opinions on the devices. There’s ‘works with SmartThings’ and theres products that work well with SmartThings. Unfortunately the two do not necessarily seem to go hand in hand. E.g. its OK being ST compatbile, but if the video and audio quality is terrible on the Camera, then I dont really want to pursue.

I’d have to say very small running costs. The one I’ve had running for a few months now and its not made a dent in electric at all.

However I doubt I’m going to get chance to test it any time soon as its at another location (external IP) and I’m not going to be able to move it any time soon.

But according to the thread - It should work. Maybe buy one and see if it works. If it doesn’t your investment to get one isnt too high.

Hi Dean

Is the web access compatible with SmartTiles (for when OAuth issue will be solved)?
The reason why I am asking is that I would like to be able to see the webcam from the internet without opening ports. Furthermore can you please suggest a wan scam for outdoor?


Hello - I’m afraid, I’ve not really had any use for an outside one - However I have seen them on Ebay listed as “Rated for outdoor use”.

With regards to if you can live stream to Smartthings, this is something I’ve not tired and dont intend to try tbh. I’m planning on using it as a snapshot generator for an alarm system.

I’ll just carry on using the external source or my NAS Surveillance station to view a live stream.

I am using the recommended D-Link DCS-5222L’s and they work well. I have them set up to send video when a motion is detected at the front door. Cant pan and tilt in SmartThings but My-Dlink is a very good app and allows full control.

Are you using the d Link camera outside? I am trying to find an outdoor camera but I can’t seem to find a tilt and pan one rated for outdoor use.
I did see the 5222L but on the website it does not say its rated for exterior use. One sites that have it for sale they say outdor but I am unsure.

Hi Christopher, I am using them outside but one is in a covered porch and the other is under the soffet of the house. They seem to be working fine but I don’t think they would enjoy a soaking.

Thanks for the response. I will email the manufacture and see what they say because half the websites selling them describe as outdoor but it may be outdoor not all weather.