3-way switch: GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer with GE Add On Switch - turns ON lights but Add on Switch won't turn OFF lights?

I have a seemingly simple setup: GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer first in line from the panel turns on/off via the physical switch as well as Smart Things App. The GE Add On Switch turns the lights on, but will not turn OFF the lights.

I thought perhaps it was a bad Add On switch, so I returned/ordered a new one and installed it tonight — still the same issue.

I’ve triple checked the current wiring against the installation instructions and it matches. The wiring is super simple: http://i.imgur.com/xeezvGC.png

Anybody ever have this issue?

I had this issue on a 5 way setup when I found power on one of the neutral’s. Once I tracked down where it was picking up the power it fixed the issue.

Wow. That’s odd A. That there was power on the neutral and B. That it would cause that type of behavior?

Possible you have a bad master switch. Does the master switch work both with ST and physical toggle without the add on in the circuit?

hmmm. None of your neutrals are tagged with black tape are they? Could indeed be a bad master.

The Add On switch is simply a trigger switch for the Master Switch. If it is not turning off the Master Switch then it is probably the Master Switch.

GE/Jasco has reported that if you accidentally touch power to the Traveler/Trigger Contact you can mess up the switch. Even if you just accidentally touched it for a second.

Also could just be defective from the factory.

Also what @thawley22 said is true. Any power running to a neutral would disrupt how the Add-On switch triggers the Master switch.