3 or 4 way zwave configuration--wiring help needed

I am attaching an image of the current light configuration in my house. I have tried all sorts of combos but have been unable to get my lights to work properly.
I would like to know where the main zwave switch goes and where the add-on switches go. The add-on switches only have space for 2 wires plus the ground. What do I do with the other 2 wires in the box.
Please help
Thank You

There is a video on YouTube that explains this. I recently attempted the same thing, but I didn’t have a common wire on one switch, so I couldn’t get it to work.

Long story short, you shut the breaker off… remove the power wire from the 2 switches, then turn the breaker back on (be careful here as you will have exposed wires that are live) and see which one still has power. The one that has power still is the one that you will install the switch on. The add-on go on the one that doesn’t have power still. This is basically telling you which wire is coming from the breaker box.

If you search “3way smart switches” on YouTube, you will find the video I am referring to. Good luck!

Line from breaker box
All travelers together
All neutrals together
Load to light bulbs
All grounds together
Note: Switch 3 has only one traveler terminal

They key to 3/4 ways is the Black/different color screw on the 3 way switches. That is your line on one switch and load on the other. Do you have pictures of the wires before you disconnected? You need to determine where the line and load wires are, from there I can help.

Take a look at the FAQ. In a 4-way, just connect an additional add-on switch like the other add-on.

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