Using multiple iPhones as presence sensors


I recently purchased a Smartthings Hub. All 4 folks in my family have iPhones and I want to use all 4 of them as presence sensors. When I try to add a second iPhone as a presence sensor, I get the following warning: “This mobile phone is already set up as a mobile presence device.”

Part of the issue may be that I recently gave my wife my old iPhone and I am now using a new one. I have removed the presence sensor from both phones, even deleted the Smartthings mobile app from her phone while I added my phone as a presence sensor. We are both trying to use my Smartthings log in. Is this the cause?

Should everyone who is using their personal iPhone on my Smartthings network use separate Smarthing logins?

Where can I go to find a users’ setup guide for using multiple iPhones a presence sensors?

Thanks, C

Support can help

Search for “Setting up multiple iPhones (separate linked accounts) as presence sensors for dummies” in this community. I posted some instructions couple of days back. See if that helps. You