2gig CT100 Thermostat "Z-Wave U-Snap module must be installed"?

Why does the 2gig CT100 Thermostat entry in Works with SmartThings (http://www.smartthings.com/product/works-with-smartthings/) say “Z-Wave U-Snap module must be installed”?

Does an actual physical additional device have to be installed? Or is this a mistake from copying the CT30 entry in the the database? Or does this refer to the some “virtual”, software module installation as part of the SmartThings setup? Other explanation?

Thanks in advance.

Yes… it may need one of these.

Under what condition would it need one? How does one determine if it is needed or not?

Never noticed that; I have 4 CT100s; they all worked out of the box.

I bought a refurbished thermostat (don’t have the model number handy, but will try to dig it up) which had a “blank” inserted into the place where the optional USNAP module goes.

It’s quite possible that CT100 model has the USNAP permanently built-in, or included by default; but it may, like the variant I have, be an optional add-on, or removable / swappable.

EDIT: @jwindsurfer: The Amazon page for the USNAP module only lists compatibility with these 3 lower models, so I’m guessing the CT100 has Z-Wave internally hardware included.

Compatible with CT30, CT50, or CT80 thermostats

Just to update. Received my CT100 a few days ago. Installed it without a hitch. Does not require any additional module. The note on the “Works with SmartThings” is obviously an incorrect hold over from the previous version thermostats. The Z-Wave support is built into this version and not an option of any kind.

Note to SmartThings: You should update your listing!

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